House Arrest/Electronic Monitoring is an alternative to jail!
We electronically track the movement of offenders using a GPS tracking device.
In most cases we confine you to your home unless you are allowed to work and attend court ordered activities (work, school, court, etc).
If your case involved alcohol or drugs, you will need to be alcohol and or drug tested. This may involve fees for testing.

A quick word about House Arrest – from the staff at Midwest Justice

During your time under Midwest Justice supervision, you will have to make changes in your lifestyle and adjust to attend only the necessities. Basic supervision allows clients to attend ONLY work, school, or court ordered activities.

1. You will wear the tracking bracelet at all times and will not remove it yourself for any reason.
2. You will charge the bracelet twice each day, each charge no less than 30 continuous minutes.
3. You will not submerge the bracelet in water, showers are okay, NO BATHS.
4. You must respond to all efforts to communicate with you initiated by Midwest Justice (phone calls, bracelet buzzing or vibrating). Communication is the key to House Arrest.
5. You are required to push the bracelet’s button until it beeps, each time you return home.
6. You must report any perceived defects, damage or malfunctions of the equipment immediately.
7. You must return the equipment in good working order. You are required to physically return the equipment on the day your House Arrest monitoring concludes.
8. You will allow Midwest Justice to inspect the assigned equipment.
9. You are financially responsible for the care of the equipment. You will be held responsible for any damage, and prosecuted for its theft if not returned.
10. House Arrest Clients must remain current with payments for House Arrest.
11. You understand that all of your movements will be tracked and stored as an official record of this company and the assigning court.
12. You will follow established schedules. Deviations from schedules are violations of House Arrest that will lead to your arrest.
13. You must not break the law: including the use of illicit drugs and alcohol if prohibited by the court. This also includes following all orders from the court (curfews, restraining orders, etc.)

The rules of House Arrest have been explained to me.
I fully understand what is expected of me, and the consequences of my failure to comply with all program expectations.

, You fully understand what is expected
, Example: DUI, Theft, DWS
, Example: City of Olathe